Memento Video & Design was started because we wanted to offer brides and grooms a way to remember their important day in a way that was both unique and affordable. We wanted to share our love of filming and editing in a way that would bring lasting value to others. We wanted to provide Mementos!

Memento Video & Design has a mission to provide our clients with something they will be able to keep and share for years to come. Long after the memories of the day fade away. It is our goal to create videos that utilize quality technology, artistic design and current styles, as if we were creating our own, while providing professional, individualized service for each and every one of our clients. 

Our Story

We are Josh and Kelly, owners of Memento Video & Design. We are a couple who is passionate about people, the arts, and business. Josh has experience in acting, dance, music, filming and has been a production director for nine years. Kelly has experience in creative communication and a degree in business and marketing, as well as education. Our life together has made us passionate about each other's gifts and talents. Memento Video & Design is an opportunity for us to share those passions with you.


We look forward to making your moments into memories!